Boots with fashionable "return"

Floral, dots, pure fruit color, graffiti ...... such a fashion element, now was 11 added to the boots. This boots almost exclusively in childhood memories of functional shoes, now turned into fashion symbol. Boots return seems to prove the magic of fashion everywhere. Floating in the rain season, marching in the cold winter snow, in the fashion of the T stage, on the red carpet of the Avenue of Stars, everywhere boots figure.

Boots, in the United Kingdom called the Wellington boots. The origin of Wellington boots, there is a story of it, it beats the battle of Waterloo Napoleon named after the Duke of Wellington, and in the early 19th century, completely caught on from the UK. Wellington boots main characteristic is waterproof, rain and muddy walking on the road for, in general, less than knee length boots. The main material is rubber, black, according to the military majesty and valiant and heroic.

This would be a lot of big-name designers heroic inspiration. This year, Coach, Burberry, Gucci and other brands have launched their own Wellington boots, rain boots in Europe and America also led the heat this year. Whether civilians or star, wearing stylish boots, functional Needless to say, pretty colors are more eye-catching.