Fashion boots into a "favorite"

Several fashion shops within the city, the reporter saw a figure of fashion boots, boots fashion shoes designed more to move closer: a single change in the past, dark hues, become colorful, in addition to the traditional black monochrome boots outside, all kinds of leopard, zebra and other animal patterns on blatantly climbed boots uppers, as well as a variety of cute jelly color; there Gaotong paragraph style, short tube in tube models and models to choose from; In addition to flat heel, as well as high-heeled, the slope with the other design. These boots cost between tens of dollars to 100 yuan.

"Recently when shopping and found the boots and now not the same, very beautiful." Public Liu told reporters that she intends to themselves and their children each buy a pair. A brand Purchasing Guide Miss Zhao told reporters, past sales of less than adult boots boots children, mostly monotonous style, not enough quality. Currently adult wellies has changed a lot, not only natural rubber material comfort, but also taking into account the practical and stylish dual function. She reminded consumers to buy boots in fashion-oriented but also consider practical and safe, such as a full rubber boots most waterproof, flat heel and sole with non-slip design, can effectively prevent slipping.