Rainy season rain boots Hot

Recently, the reporter in the number of shopping malls to see the different styles of boots are placed in a prominent position, red, green, blue, powder pink and bright colors are applied to the boots, attracting the attention of many consumers. Different colors of boots complete number, suitable for children to wear shoes, especially the lovely rain, so that those young mothers stop. Just buy two pairs of boots color Zhang Qi told reporters, "This summer rain, buy a pair of boots are applicable. For themselves and their children each buy a pair, not afraid to walk out of the tread water. And this rain boots very fashionable and beautiful, wear in the feet can get a lot of second glance. "

The reporter found that various rain boots stalls are good business, the more complete the color rain boots stalls, sales of the more fiery. A stall told reporters that in previous years, rain boots hard to sell, and this year's rain, rainfall, rain boots back into the batch quickly sold out every day to sell more than twenty pairs on average. It seems a few days, had a purchase.