Rubber sole, EVA soles, and other sole description

A big bottom:

1. outsole material simply, it is the use of natural rubber or synthetic rubber.

(1) natural rubber: natural rubber advantage is that it is very soft, resilient and good, and can be adapted to a variety of sports, but the disadvantages are also obvious that is very wearable. Multi-purpose indoor sports shoes natural rubber.

2. Synthetic rubber was divided into wear-resistant rubber, green rubber, air rubber, sticky rubber, hard rubber, with carbon rubber.

(1) wear rubber: wear rubber wear resistance and toughness are very good, it is very durable, this rubber outsole material is generally on the use of tennis shoes.

(2) green rubber: recycled materials is also known as rubber, this rubber outsole contains up to 10% recycled rubber, the main purpose is to protect the environment.

(3) Air Rubber: Rubber contains air, a certain degree of cushioning, but not very wearable, use is not very widespread.

(4) adhesive rubber: the characteristics of sticky rubber that flexibility is good, and very non-slip, generally used in indoor sports shoes.

(5) hard rubber: Hard rubber outsole rubber material is the most comprehensive rubber, tough and very wear-resistant non-slip, uses naturally very extensive. Multifunctional shoes and basketball shoes are mostly to do with such a rubber outsole.

(6) with carbon rubber: rubber materials in general have added a carbon element, making more tough wear rubber, running most of the use of such rubber, and after running shoe soles palm portion will be left BRS letter marked to It represents outsole with carbon rubber used.