Adhesive Rubber Repair

The greater the polar rubber, gluing better. Wherein the nitrile neoprene polar, high bonding strength; natural rubber, silicone rubber and butyl rubber small polar bonding weak. Also rubber surface often with a release agent or other free of additives, impede bonding effect - rubber manufacturers.

Adhesive bonding rubber, concrete methods are divided into hot and cold bonding method bonding method.

Thermal bonding method is masticated raw uncured rubber is vulcanized after gluing together with sticky rubber, and its method is complicated, requires heating and pressing equipment, inconvenient to use.

Cold bonding method is with a good adhesive, applied to the surface of the article to be glued, folded after airing, on curing at room temperature. Of course, proper heating help shorten the curing time and improve the bonding strength. Cold bonding method is simple, and the energy savings, is a good way worthy.