Do Not Be Afraid To Wear Shoes Shock

1. electric shock, the most important rescue measures is to cut off the power, then rescue the injured. If the power switch or electrical outlet near the location of electric shock, be opened immediately switch or pull the plug, it can also be directly pulled leakage switch (air switch) the total gate; if there is no power switch or outlet (head) near the shock locations available insulating handle electrician pliers or dried wooden handle ax cut the wire.

2. When the electric wire fell on the ride an electric shock the body, can be used dry clothes, gloves, ropes, belts, shoes equipment, sticks and other insulating material as a tool to pull an electric shock or pick open wire, so that an electric shock from power.

3. If the shock occurs on the low-voltage overhead lines or live with the radio frame, into the family line, turn off the power immediately should quickly cut off, ambulance quickly Teng Teng pole or to a reliable place and do their own electric shock , fall protection safety measures, with insulating plastic handle with wire cutters, and insulating objects or dry non-conductive object tools such as an electric shock from power.

4. poke cut off the power cord, rescue equipment should wear shoes or stand on a dry wooden stool, wearing plastic gloves, non-conductive dry sticks and other objects to pick open wire. Artificial respiration and external cardiac massage can not stop halfway, until emergency medical personnel arrive.