How To Lead The International Footwear Market

With the intensification of competitive footwear market, whether domestic or foreign markets, the current situation has witnessed many scenes of fierce shoe crowded, but as the core of traditional domestic labor-intensive enterprises, the shoe is competitive improve product quality, and only have excellent product quality, it can be based on an invincible position in the international market.

Design and development decisions competitiveness of enterprises. The market today, the company's R & D capabilities, the stronger, the more core competitiveness. China has countless "no known copies of" small and medium shoe, most of them are doing low-end market, the market naturally tier cities in low-end market, according to this current situation, the future of the shoe development is useful. For such companies, must take independent R & D pace, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in a shoe factory, they used for clothing, luggage fabrics extend onto vulcanized shoes equipment, it added still above the beads design. Sequin shoe companies and a US fashion brand cooperation, with beautiful and unique shape of the United States won a lot with young people.